Stuck for ideas for your email marketing campaign?

Below we discuss some tried and tested ideas to keep the conversation going with your existing customers and your prospective customers too.

Monthly email newsletter – the key to a monthly email marketing communication is its regularity and relevancy. Strive for the ideal by imagining your contacts actually looking forward to your monthly newsletter because it is so highly relevant to them. With a smart CRM and email system working for you, you have the power to tailor your content to different segments to ensure your monthly email newsletter is as relevant to the reader’s needs and interests as possible.

Product updates and offers – your new products are something to skite about but do be conscious of how frequently you update your clients with product news. How often you update your clients depends on your industry and your own product cycles. If yours is a fast moving business with hundreds of new products a year, consider consolidating your new product information into your monthly email.

However, if your new products are hugely anticipated, feature groundbreaking technology and/or have long development times such as the automotive industry, you could use every product launch as an email marketing opportunity. One way to make your product updates more appealing is to offer special pricing or inclusions.

Tips and tricks – providing tips and tricks in your email marketing allows you to showcase your products in an educational way. Describe and illustrate how to best use your products. Come up with new uses for old products. Be inventive with your own ideas or bring other peoples research together in your communication, giving credit to others when it is due.

Industry news and views – this could be updates on legislative changes including how it impacts your customers, survey results within your industry, scams to watch out for or simply your views on your own industry’s news. For anyone in finance, property etc, look for economic news that is of interest to your target market. If you are in a retail industry, look at trends in your sector. Whether it is women’s fashion or camping, there are always new looks, new products and new uses for existing product lines.

Coming events – these could be events within your industry and/or events you are participating in and/or events you are holding. Include seminars, webinars, trade exhibitions, launch events, hospitality events and other promotional events in your email marketing campaigns. There is always something going on. If your business is not personally involved in an event, look to major sporting and other high profile events that can provide a theme for your email communications.

Email Marketing Systems

When it comes to email marketing that works, your content is crucial. So too is the system that you use to manage your contacts, send your email and measure the success of your email marketing communications. If you need advice on how a CRM could improve your email marketing, the team at Evolution Marketing are here to help.