SugarCRM are announcing today that they can offer SugarCRM hosted locally in Australia, from a data centre in Sydney. One of the great advantages with SugarCRM is that there is flexibility in deployment.

SugarCRM offers two hosting options:

  1. On-Demand hosted and managed for you by SugarCRM.
  2. On-Premisewhere you can host wherever you like.

Up until today, On-Demand clients have been hosted from a data centre in the U.S.. By providing local hosting out of Sydney, Australian SugarCRM clients can expect faster performance and increased peace of mind knowing their data is located in Australia.

For existing Australian SugarCRM clients it will be possible to migrate your instance to the Australian data centre, and for new clients adopting SugarCRM, local On-Demand presents an attractive option when consider your hosting options.