Many of the applications we use in business are now including social features to enhance the interaction between people through the software. In turn, people then become more visible across the organisation.


Having a profile photo associated with your user account in SugarCRM attaches your fingerprint to the content you contribute to your organisation, as well as allowing the person consuming that content to connect with the author.

It also makes certain parts of SugarCRM easier to interact with as the profile picture representing each user will be shown on the Activity Stream and next to the user’s name on the navigation bar, as well as displayed in the attendees section of Activities.


Even though these systems are becoming more social, it is important to remember that this is still a business tool, and a certain level of decorum should be adhered to so that everything remains professional.


When deciding on a profile picture there are a few points to consider to have a good end result:

    • Choose a suitable image size, Sugar will scale the image down for the system, but will still allow you to view the full image in the user profile settings, something around 512×384 would be recommended.
    • Choose a standard format, either .JPG or .PNG should be acceptable.
    • Composition is important, either a head and shoulders, or head to waist shot is recommended. Again, as Sugar does scale the image, a head and shoulders shot is preferable.
    • Where possible, a simple background is preferable.
    • Try to avoid lighting that casts excessive shadow over your facial features.
    • Avoid casual or untidy dress.
    • Smile!


To add a Profile picture to your user account in SugarCRM, do the following:

Click the dropdown on your profile image and select “Profile”








On the Profile window, click ‘Edit’ and then “choose image” in the Avatar section


Select the appropriate image file and then click Save and you will see your image update in sugar


Adding a Profile picture is a simple task for a very effective result. At Evolution Marketing Services, not all of our staff work out of the same office, so it is nice to be able to associate a face with our interstate colleagues.

If you have any questions about this article, or are interested in more information on SugarCRM please feel free to contact us.