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We had no consistency with the system use, no visibility of reporting and no functionality of ACT! Reporting
If you’ve ever tried to use your CRM system to drive performance through reporting, you may have faced similar challenges.

Starting the conversation

Eutility have been using ACT! as their CRM system for the last couple of years.They have some valuable data within ACT! but found they couldn’t easily report on it.  They were not able to create reports and it was also time consuming. They noticed that staff were not effectively inputting their data into ACT!  Eutility consulted with their I.T. consultant Dragan Calic and he recommended they start the conversation with Damon and Ben from Evolution Marketing Services.

Understanding Business Objectives

Eutility is an organization committed to helping Australian business’ understand their energy consumption and achieve best price.  They have services within Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the US and UK and have been in operation for over 30 years.   They have a large sales and services team who use ACT! to manage their customer contacts.  Nicole Sanderson had a clear vision for the types of reports that she needed to drive performance, manage her team and report to partners on business performance.  

Identifying the Solution

Talking to Ben and Damon, it was quickly decided to use a 3rd party reporting tool called Stonefield Query. It is used with ACT! to build and customise reports that are beyond the capability of ACT!’s native reporting functionality.  Stonefield Query could not only generate the reports needed, but also automate the whole process.
I’m no I.T. guru, but I’m more than ecstatic with the support I received
Damon was able to set up Stonefield Query to automate monthly reports that were accessed in a couple of different ways.  
  • The business owner, the director and individual staff receive an email with a PDF attached to understand their performance across the month.
  • Managers can access broader reports through a folder.  The format is user friendly and easy to access.
  • They could choose the format of report: email, PDF, excel spreadsheet or automated printout.  

Nicole has noticed that she is accessing more visual feedback than ever before.  

Reports were focused on opportunities and sales and allowed Eutility to understand the stage of a sale.  The sales team could update the estimated close date.  If a close date had passed the manager could support the sales rep and provide support.  Nicole noticed that reporting verified who the top performers were.
Efficiency of response helps keep people on track with sales
Nicole has found that the efficiency and accessibility of the data helps keep everyone on track.  In comparison, the previous reports were in an excel spreadsheet with and it was difficult to access and find the key information.
Staff are striving to improve their monthly reports

We can support staff with the sales process based on the data

 Eutility have also started to identify sales opportunities that have moved past their estimated close date and we have been able to provide increased support totry to close the sale. 
The reports have also confirmed who our top performers are

We are accessing more data from ACT! than we have ever achieved 

Nicole has noticed that staff are consistently inputting their sales data into ACT!and striving for accuracy.  This is the direct result of the visual feedback of the monthly-automated report.
We are more successful because of the data.  It is automated so we don’t have to think about it

Continuing the conversation

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Nicole has been learning to use Stonefield Query and has had ongoing support to create her own customised reports.  Nicole was able to pre-purchase some discounted services with Evolution Marketing’s new Access on Demand.  This way she gets a better price than ad-hoc hourly rates, but still has the flexibility to engage as little or as much as she needs.  Now the reports are mostly set up and being automatically delivered, Nicole is learning how to build her own reports with Damon’s support.  Nicole has been able to contact Evolution Marketing to work through challenges as they have arisen.  She has also had assistance to further develop the reports as needed.

How did Nicole find being able to access the services team under the pre-paid support package?  

I liked it.  I have a budget and that was my range to stay within.  I could budget and plan how to stay within the limit.  I also gave myself a buffer.  I forecast ahead for further support.  It helped me stay within my budget
Eutility will continue to use the automated reporting features of Stonefield Query using their remaining pre-paid access to drive further improvements to their business.

The Finer Details

  • Eutility purchased a 10 hour block of pre-paid support upfront and the
    Stonefield Query licences.
  • 3 hours of support were used to install and set up Stonefield Query.
  • 4 hours of training and support were provided.