Event Management with SugarCRM


A question that comes up quite regularly is How does SugarCRM assist with Event Management?  A great advantage with SugarCRM is that it provides you with choice.

There are two choices for Event Management with SugarCRM:

  1. SugarCRM is highly configurable so it’s possible to create a couple of modules that allows for basic event management quite quickly.  For a custom solution that is quite sophisticated read this in depth case study of SugarCRM to manage events.  View case study
  2. There is a number of 3rd party plug-ins that introduces Event Management functionality to SugarCRM very effectively.

SugarCRM is similar to having a great smart phone that has a wide variety of Apps. You don’t need one product that does it all if you have one where it’s easy to get 3rd party Apps that introduce the functionality as needed.

At Evolution Marketing, our choice of software and apps are chosen thoughtfully.  Our best option recommendation for Event Management Apps for SugarCRM include:

  • Eventbrite SugarCRM Connector – More info

This would be the option we recommend most clients consider first as it integrates SugarCRM with the amazing and very popular Eventbrite. This gives you the best possible cloud based CRM and Event Management systems in the one integrated solution.

For more information on Eventbrite visit www.eventbrite.com.au 

This is from a well known US based SugarCRM partner who has made it available to the wider SugarCRM community. There is a free trial available using the link above.

We suggest that you start with a conversation with Evolution Marketing for assistance with Event Management.  For a demonstration or more information on the SugarCRM Eventbrite integration, or to discuss your unique event management needs please contact us on 1300 799 064 or email sales@evolutionmarketing.com.au