Customer Journey Banner

The screenshot below shows the new customer journey plugin announced by Sugar at SugarCon in June.

Customer Journey

This new plugin will allow you to define the steps that your customers pass through on their journey from interested prospect to satisfied customer advocate. Implementing an add-on like this will give you the opportunity to consider how clients do this already and engineer better options and use Sugar to help manage that process.

From my initial look at the product I think one of the most helpful features is the screen above, which shows you exactly where an individual contact is on their journey and what the next steps are. This makes it immediately identifiable for a SugarCRM user to know where the client is at and where they should be helping them to get to.

SugarCRM have indicated there will be some more information coming soon.

The Customer Jounrey plug-in is an optional add-on and the price is USD$15 per user per annum.