Welcome to your CRM Self Assessment

1. In our vision and purpose, the impact we want to make with our customers is the focus, not just our products, services or what we do.
2. Our mission articulates how we add value for customers and/or the experience they receive from us.
3. At the strategy level - we have a small number of very clear goals to achieve.
4. Customer advocacy is one of our key, long-term goals.
5. Empathy for the customer is extremely important in our business.
6. Our leadership team consistently put the focus on the customer and the value we need to deliver for them.
7. The management team invests time on activities that involve customers.
8. We use a range of results and performance measures to assess overall performance - not just financial outcomes.
9. We know our various customer groups and are very clear on what we are trying to achieve with each group.
10. We know how our various customer groups define value.
11. We have value propositions that are meaningful for each customer group.
12. We have true insight into the way meaningful relationships develop with our customers.
13. Our goal is to open relationships with chosen customers where we know there is a positive two-way value exchange.
14. We actively build positive moments into the experience and relationship development with customers.
15. We have capability in customer engagement and marketing activities at important moments for the customer.
16. Customer information is structurally and consistently shared between teams/departments which have contact with the customer.
17. Our organisation is aligned across functions to deliver value for our customers (we are not siloed).
18. We know and use our customers’ communication preferences.
19. We align recourses and channels to deliver value for our customers.
20. Frontline employee recruitment is based in heavily on their degree of customer orientation.
21. Frontline employee performance evaluation is partially based on the behaviours required to build specific relationship types with our customers.
22. There are objectives for different customer contact moments included the marketing, communication or account plans.
23. We have identified the results we are looking for across the value delivery system and use measures to provide feedback.
24. Any partners we use in the delivery of value for our customers are completely aligned to our goals.

(if you do not have any delivery partners or third parties, answer Not Applicable N/A)
25. We have clear and documented protocols in place for collecting, processing and maintaining customer information. (This includes privacy and security.)
26. Employees with customer contact have access to customer information and value our systems.
27. We are able to identify the customer during each contact moment and have full customer knowledge at our disposal.
28. Collection and acquisition of accurate customer information is an important part of our protocols and processes.
29. All of the information that is necessary to deliver value and realise the customer strategy is available.
30. Even people employed in the IT or data management roles also have an understanding of the customer strategy and the delivery of customer value.
31. The customer information that is available is relevant, accurate, up to date, complete and consistent
32. Delivery partners are co-operation-minded and voluntarily share customer data with us.

(if you do not have any delivery partners or third parties, answer Not Applicable N/A)
33. The quality of our service and products adds value to our relationship with the customer.
34. We can tailor our products and services to match the various needs of our customers.
35. All of our operational activities are aligned to deliver the defined value and experience.
36. All of our improvement activities are pegged to the delivery of customer value and experience.

(That is, improvement activity does not detract from the delivery of customer value for the sake of, reducing costs for example).
37. We are capable of identifying the future needs of specific customer groups and then building capability to address those needs.
38. We regularly seek feedback and advice from customers on our current performance and in the development of new products and/or service enhancements.
39. Employee engagement and feedback is highly valued in our organisation.