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Imagine for a moment, you’ve just met someone and they’ve given you their business card.

Two things can happen at this point, you can put the business card in your pocket, where it may not see the light of day again.

Or, you can immediately scan the card with your smart phone, and have it create a new Lead or Contact in SugarCRM for you.

The "ScanBizCards Business Card Reader" App in action

The “ScanBizCards Business Card Reader” App in action

Of course, the second option is preferable. Capturing important contact info like this is something that should be streamlined and automated. The good news is that you can do this.

ScanBiz Mobile Solutions have both an iOS and an Android App that will let us do this. Cost effective and easy to setup, it lets you take a photo of a business card. It will then OCR the card and fill in all the details for you like, name, company, phone numbers, email etc and then it can save it directly to SugarCRM as either a Contact or a Lead record.

 Hop on over to the app store for your device and make life easier for yourself.

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