Rich conversational experiences with your customers

Add messaging to your web, mobile, and social channels so customers can reach you instantly.

Customers prefer messaging

64% of consumers have tried a new way to get in touch with customer service in 2020, with messaging and bots leading the way.  Customers prefer messaging because it’s convenient, it’s fast and it’s personalised.

Ready to go, out of the box

Zendesk Message delivers rich conversational experiences for businesses that are connected across web, mobile or social apps.  It’s easy to automate right out of the box, and can be completely customised.


Benefits of Zendesk Message

Meet customers where they are

Customers expect great service across all channels. Zendesk Message makes it easy to stay in touch with personalised and engaging interactions.  With Zendesk Message, get messaging right out of the box or fully customise it to meet your needs.

Self-service starts with bots

Use built-in automation to help customers get the answers they need without using an agent – no code required.


Stay connected on any channel

Add messaging and live chat to your website or mobile app, and leverage customer presence on social apps like Whatsapp or Facebook to deliver instant support without repetition.  Provide live chat support for your customers, or continue the conversation when it’s convenient for them.

All interactions in one place

Customer conversations and information live in a centralised workspace agents get all the context they need to help customers. They can switch channels and add or subtract bots as needed.

Key Features of Zendesk Message

Rick, interactive conversations

Zendesk Message’s new devkit features a rich, interactive messaging experience for your customers, including activity indicators, quick replies, data capture via form fields, links, images, carousels & more.

Manage your team’s workload efficiently

Increase your team’s efficiency by routing messaging conversations to the right agent based on a combination of flexible business rules and information collected by Answer Bot before escalating to an agent.  Stay on top of ongoing conversations through notifications list for new responses.  Use Shortcuts and Macros to delight your customers with fast and personalized responses. 

Give your agents the right context

Zendesk Message brings all the interactions and customer data collected by Answer Bot right into Agent Workspace so your agents can quickly jump into solving the problem.  

Full conversational history

Zendesk Message lets you stay engaged anywhere and have ongoing conversations with your customers so they never have to repeat themselves. 

Keep the conversation going

With Zendesk Message, agents never lose the conversation history, and can continue where they left off, be it web, mobile app, or social.  By having the context of previous conversations, agents can provide a more conversational, convenient, and contextual experience to your customers. 

A modern look, customised for your brnd

As an administrator, you can easily configure your devkit via the Admin Centre, and tailor the logo, colours, text and labels to seamlessly integrate them with your existing brand.  

Shortcuts using AI

Zendesk Message also features a more powerful and configurable Answer Bot, backed by enhanced AI and Flow Builder.  So when customers type in a question, Answer Bot can identify the intent and take conversational shortcuts, jumping straight to the relevant part of a flow or to an agent transfer.  And if a flow doesn’t exist to address a question, Answer Bot automatically tries to find relevant articles to recommend.

Guide your customer’s conversation

Use Flow Builder to cover your most common support scenarios and get end users the answers they need faster.  Quick reply options help preempt incoming questions and keep the conversation flowing.

Give your bot a personality

Take full control over how Answer Bot greets and interacts with end-users.  Say “Hello” using your brand’s personality by writing out your own greeting.

Provide instant answers 24/7

Let Answer Bot be your first line of defence and offer answers instantly, 24/7.  Answer simple questions directly in conversation and handle more complex requests by linking to your Help Center articles.

Deliver deep conversational experiences

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