The first thing any SugarCRM user generally will see when they log in is the Dashboard, and for good reason as the Dashboard can be used to display a lot of useful information in 1 centralised place. Today we will be looking at how to use the List view Dashlets to display useful information.

 To Start we just need to click the dropdown menu next to the create button on the Dashboard and select Edit.


Once in edit mode, we can scroll to the bottom of the dashboard and see the options for adding a new row and collumns.
Click on the +1 +2 or +3 depending on how many new columns you wish to add in. we are only creating 1 new Dashlet so we will select +1 


We are now presented with an empty Dashlet slot, click the + to Add a new Dashlet:


We are then presented with a list of the available Dashlets we can create, use the search box at the top of the list to search for the ‘List View’ Dashlet and then select it.


Once we have selected the Dashlet, we will be taken to the configuration page, this page allows us to adjust the following:

  • The Title that appears on our new Dashlet
  • Which module the Dashlet will pull data from, in our example we are using Leads
  • The columns that are displayed on the new Dashlet, it is best to keep only the ones that will show useful information to you
  • You can select the number of Rows displayed, and how frequently you want the Dashlet to refresh and check for new data
  • You can also set the filter that you want to use to get data for the Dashlet.

Screenshot list view config

You will need to pick the criteria for your Dashlet, in the above example I have chosen to filter all Leads that are Assigned to myself and have a status of New.

Once you have configured the Settings to your liking, hit the save button and you will be presented with your new Dashlet.

Screenshot listview final

This leaves me with a Dashlet that I can quickly refer to, rather than needing to go to the Leads module and create a filter there. Also as I interact with my Leads and change their status or reassign them, they will be automatically removed from my Dashlet.

Are you interested in making the Sugar Dashboard work for you? contact us to see what you can use it for.