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Find exactly what you want by limiting results.

The list view in SugarCRM, being a web based system, behaves a little differently to a desktop application, as such the results are displayed as requested, rather than all at once.

looking at the list view of one of your modules means that you may have to click the “view more records” many times before you reach the one you want.

Thankfully SugarCRM has an advanced search tool that allows you to create a filter, to narrow down the results on the list, and allow you to find the record you want quickly and easily.


To Create a filter for the module that you are working in, look for the filter bar at the top of the list and click Create.

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You will then be able to add filters based on the available fields in that module.

Add as many as you need to narrow down your search.

The sugar List view will automatically update as you add in filters, however if this is a lookup that you will perform on a regular basis, you can also save it. 

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When you save a filter, it becomes available from the “Filter” dropdown.

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For such a simple function in Sugar, Filters offer an excellent means of streamlining, improving and speeding up your day-to-day workflow.