With 2017 now upon us, Evolution Marketing would like to welcome everyone to the new year as we look to see what SugarCRM has in store for us.

End of Life Expiry Dates 

It is always wise to review the EOL expiry for the current versions of SugarCRM:

End-of-Life Date
Sugar 6.5.x      April 15, 2017
Sugar 7.6.x      January 15, 2017
Sugar 7.7.x      October 15, 2017
Sugar 7.8.x      December 1, 2017

If you are hosted on-Demand with SugarCRM, you will receive a notification if your version is due to be upgraded. For those that have on-Site Hosted environments it is important to know when your version is due for renewal as support provided by SugarCRM is not available for sugar versions once they have bypassed their EOL date.

More information about the Current Supported Platforms is available here: https://support.sugarcrm.com/Resources/Supported_Versions/

A Good time to consider upgrading

As all subscribers to SugarCRM are eligible to receive all current updates, now is a good time to consider upgrading as SugarCRM v 7.8 was just released in December and is available for upgrade now.
Just some of the various exciting updates in v7.8 include:

  • Users will now be alerted of call and meeting invitees who will not receive email invites due to empty or invalid email addresses in Sugar.
  • Dependent field formulas controlling a field’s visibility are now respected when previewing records via the list view’s intelligence pane.
  • Bar charts can now display the total for grouped data in report chart dashlets.

Read further here for more information: https://community.sugarcrm.com/community/releases/blog/2016/12/02/version-78-released

Here at Evolution Marketing we are experienced in making the SugarCRM upgrade smooth and simple. Contact us to discuss how we can help you with your upgrade. 

Xero SugarCRM Link is available now through Sugar Outfitters

Anyone who is interested in an integration that will connect their Xero Online Accounting System with SugarCRM is encouraged to have a look: https://www.sugaroutfitters.com/addons/xero-sugarcrm-link

Xero SugarCRM Link highlights

Easy Setup Wizard – A simple multi-step process will guide you through the process of setting up the integration and performing the process of importing Xero contacts in SugarCRM.

Contact Sync – When contacts are added to Xero and are made active they will be added to SugarCRM. Select Contacts in SugarCRM that you want to individually add to Xero.

Sales Invoice Sync – Customer invoices will display on both the Account and Contact records in SugarCRM. Invoices include all product line items. As payments are made to invoices in Xero, the amount due will update on the synced invoice record in SugarCRM.

Enhanced SugarCRM Record Views – When viewing Account and Contact record views in SugarCRM, additional important information will be visible from Xero. Also, there will be sub-panels for sales and purchase history.

Matching Record Detection – Automated association of matching records that exist in Xero and SugarCRM.

Supplier Sync – Accounts in SugarCRM can be a Customer, Supplier or both. Supplier records will display purchases and Accounts that are both Suppliers and Customers can display associated invoices and purchases.

Purchases Sync – Purchases from suppliers will display on both their Account and Contact records in SugarCRM. Purchases include all product line items.

Directional Sync Control – Syncronization can be set to be Xero to SugarCRM, SugarCRM to Xero or to be full two way sync. This setting can be controlled per module

Automated Synchronization – Regular syncing is setup by the Initial Sync Wizard and provides multiple options for sync frequency.

Getting Started with SugarCRM

Looking to get started with SugarCRM? consider our SugarCRM Sales Accelerator Package that will get you setup with everything you need to start using SugarCRM inside your Business.
Watch the video and then contact us with any questions or requests on 1300 799 064.


Getting More out of SugarCRM

Do you have SugarCRM and are looking for ways to expand its use? We are fully equipped for a variety of customisation services, from new fields, modules and layouts, to purpose built customisations, we can find something to suit your needs. 
Give us a call on 1300 799 064 to see what is possible.