Sugar Market

Elevate your brand with marketing automation

The Act-On growth marketing automation platform helps you deliver phenomenal customer experiences that drive more engagement around your products, services, and brand while growing your business at scale.

Reach goals, stretch budgets

Our marketing automation platform scales and adapts, so you can keep your business growing, even when the pressure’s higher than it’s ever been.

Become a growth marketing hero

Our marketing automation platform empowers every marketer to be a growth marketing hero. 

Benefits of Act-on

Steady, sustained business growth

Develop a strong digital presence and optimised funnel for your business that serves as the foundation for steady growth and sustained success.

Holistic marketing experiences

Act-on gives you the tools to provide a unique digital experience and engagement levels for your prospects and customers.

Engage around your offerings

Act-on allows you to take a multi-channel approach to drive top-notch product and service engagement, resulting in long-term relationships with passionate brand advocates.

Key Features of Act-on

Advanced audience segmentation

Website & landing page optimisation

SMS marketing solutions

Social media automation

Personalised email automation

Dynamic forms & progressive profiling

Marketing automation tools

Lead scoring

MarTech integrations

Improve SEO

Account-based marketing software

Elevate your brand with marketing automation

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