Better business intelligence

Sugar Discover is a smart data discovery solution that continuously analyzes your sales and marketing metrics, learns normal patterns and relationships between attributes in your data, and surfaces insights into changes impacting those metrics.

Detect changes

Take swift action with automated alerts on key metric changes.

Rewind history

Identify trends and forecast sales predictions with detailed historical and field records.

Keep things simple

Out-of-the-box value from the first day with your Sugar instance.

Benefits of Sugar Discover

Fast results

With Sugar Discover, you eliminate the need to build your own analytical database, learn a complicated tool, or hire a data scientist with key metrics and commonly used KPIs out-of-the-box.

Leverage data

Sugar Discover helps you to understand past performance to make accurate predictions about the future with a historical perspective.  Lleverage data from every point in time to enable more informed decisions.

Instant reports

Traditional reporting is only helpful if users are actually reading the reports.  Sugar Discover takes a proactive approach, tracking sales performance metrics in real-time and alerting users when it detects issues and opportunities.

Reduce delays

Quickly identify root causes and take action with Sugar Discover’s insights, which provide relevant factors that are impacting sales performance.

Key Features of Sugar Discover

Pre-loaded data metrics

It is pre-loaded with hundreds of metrics, KPI’s and analytics, and automates the process of tracking these metrics in real-time at a fast pace. 

Discovery insights

This powerful feature by Sugar Discovery helps in detecting changes in your data that are impacting the performance of your desired metrics. Moreover, you can rewind history to understand trends better.

Revenue analytics

Sugar Discover has made revenue management analytics simple and easy.  With easy-to-use features and an interactive interface, you can find the answer to your most complex sales questions by playing with the data in your Sugar Discover.

Sales funnel analysis

Sugar Discover uncovers problems in your sales funnel, so you can resolve them instantly, and helps you to better plan your sales strategies.

Solution for non-technical users

With Sugar Discover, you don’t need to have the technical knowledge to conduct advanced analysis of your data. 

Better user interface

The interface of Sugar Discover allows you to create customizable drag & drop queries, add a calculation, hide a field, preview the data directly and get statistics about data.

User-friendly advanced analytics

As Sugar Discovery comes with pre-built tools and metrics, it makes tackling advanced analytics easier.  Users can make use of their data to create better strategies, without the need of a technical background in advanced data analysis. 

Performance analysis

There is no need to create your own analytical database, as you will have access to hundreds of performance metrics in your Sugar Discover tools.

User-friendly business intelligence tools

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