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Align your business with customer expectations

A picture paints a thousand words, and in this instance no words are needed.  The power of the Customer Journey Plug-in lies in its ability to tell your organisation’s customer story visually.


Meet customers’ brand expectations

Customers today say that 70% of their buying decisions are based on how they feel they’re being treated.  86% of customers say they’re willing to pay more for a better experience, and 65% of customers say they leave brands that fail to meet their expectations for customer service.

Improve lead value & sales conversions

Consistently following an optimised customer journey model can increase the value of leads, opportunities and accounts.  Leads are more likely to convert to prospects and opportunities when journeys are tracked and consistent care is taken to educate and nurture individuals through each step.


Focus on the customer where it matters

The Sugar Customer Journey Plug-In increases efficiency by enabling businesses to focus employee actions on the needs of the customer at any point in time, keeping the customer

perspective at the forefront of their thinking. 

Benefits of Sugar Customer Journey Plug-in

Better resourcing

The Sugar Customer Journey Plug-In enables organisations to define roadmaps to success and measure progress at every step of the way.  This is especially important for businesses with limited resources, who need to not only prioritise customer engagements, but also define the best ways to engage with different customers.

Repeat processes

With the Sugar Customer Journey Plug-In, everyone understands where the customer is and what are the next best steps at every stage of the journey.  Defining optimal customer journeys and using Sugar to automate them helps turn sales success and customer satisfaction into repeatable processes.

CRM adoption

Sugar users can automate the execution of activities in each customer’s journey.  Journey activities can automatically trigger workflows and tasks, assigning these activities to the right individuals.  This makes Sugar a powerful engine to guide customers and coordinate employees through the entire customer journey.

Accessible reports

In Sugar, a customer journey can be applied to any object such as contacts, leads, accounts or even custom modules.  Each customer journey is defined as a series of stages, with each stage built from a progression of activities.  This improves reporting on the progress of any number of processes in your business.

Key Features of Customer Journey Plug-in

Personalised customer experience

Help your employees align their internal activities with the individual customer’s decision stage to deliver a personalised, seamless customer experience in an easy to follow visual format.

Record every touch point

By increasing awareness of the customer journey through every touch point, you can help prospects and customers advance more quickly to the next decision stage.  The result is a streamlined process that synchronises all of your customer-facing-activities to increase business efficiency.

Archiving journeys

Archive or un-archive old customer journeys to learn from past experiences or share improvements with team members.

Configurable journey maps

Create customer journey maps that incorporate the best ways to engage with different customers, so everyone clearly understands what needs to happen at each step along the way to advance the relationship.

GDPR Compliance

To make it easier for you to comply with EU GDPR requirements, the Customer Journey Plug-in has a visual GDPR Compliance Tracking template that is fully flexible, allowing modification or expansion of each step or task to suit the unique needs of your business.

Dashlets to summarise progress

The Customer Journey Plug-in includes a pie-chart style dashlet that can be placed on the record view to show a colour-coded summary of the current record’s journey.

Match your brand promise with your customers’ experience

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