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Power up your customer support

 Zendesk Support helps you to differentiate your brand by providing more empathic customer service.  Zendesk has been designed for fast growth businesses looking to scale with the same platform, but some of the world’s largest corporations are using it too.

World-beating solution

Zendesk Support is trusted by over 200,000 global business from major corporations to start-ups.

Everything you need in the cloud

Cloud-based, customisable tools to build customer service portal, knowledge base and online communities.

For any business, any size

Zendesk Support is quick to implement and scales easily to meet changing needs.

Benefits of Zendesk Support

Provide support across channel

Solve customer support tickets via web, email, phone, SMS, and social media – all in one place.

Save time & lower costs

Quick and easy setup allows you to grow effectively over time.

Enhance productivity

Use workflows, automation, and AI to route your tickets to the right agent.

Boost customer satisaction

Assist customers with online tickets by using better intel and less manual work.

Key Features of Zendesk Support

Help desk

Your team can view real-time data on the actions and activities occurring in the system.  Your agents share information about an issue via private comments to help solve the problem faster. 

Automated case management

Common tasks are automated to free up time for your agents, such as notifying a manager of a new issue. 

SLA management

The built-in Service-level Agreement tools enables agents to set their own parameters and utilise up-to-date measurements to monitor a specific ticket’s status.

Reporting dashboard

Zendesk Support transforms data into useful and meaningful insights using visual styles and point-and-click functions.


The Zendesk Support ticketing system, much like a shared inbox, gathers all customer support requests from multiple sources into a single location and responds to customers with consistency.

Omni-channel communications

Seamlessly communicate with customers across any channel and track your conversation. 

Self-service experience

Zendesk Support allows your business to build a smart knowledge base for empowering your agents and customers and allows customers to discover the status of their issues themselves.

Mobile app

Agents can respond to inquiries even while they’re on the go through the mobile apps on their smartphone or tablet devices.

Power up your customer support

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