Let the platform do the work

Solve your customers’ pressing issues and provide a differentiated, positive experience at every touch point to build life-long customer relationships.

Powerful process-driven support

With out-of-the-box workflows for Service Level Agreement management, ready-to-go reports, and modern self-service capabilities, Sugar Serve has everything you need to start delighting your customers – today.

360-degree view of your customers

Sugar Serve leverages a unique intelligent customer data platform, allowing you to access the most relevant customer information and insights to drive more informed decisions and resolve customer issues faster.

Benefits of Sugar Serve

Improved agent productivity

Sugar Serve is a modern user experience, which means agents have everything they need right at their fingertips.

Reduce cost of service

Sugar Serve’s self-service capabilities allow your customers to help themselves, lowering overall costs.

Improve customer satisfaction

With Sugar Serve your team can offer more informed, proactive support.  This means your customers get what they need, becoming customers for life.

Seamless platform integration

Sugar Serve has been designed as a standalone customer service product, but it also integrates seamlessly with Sugar Sell and Sugar Market.

Key Features of Sugar Serve

Service console

A unified interface that empowers agents to be more productive and better know every customer with whom they engage.

Service level management

Automatically calculate and measure your support organisation against even the most complex service-level agreements, including managing against multi-region business centres and related business hours.


Help your customers help themselves.  Sugar’s self-service portal and knowledge base allows for users to quickly solve common problems, which drives satisfaction and defrays customer support costs

Case management

Manage inbound customer issues across multiple channels and insure service level agreements are met.

Case routing

Out-of-the-box business rules for effectively routing inbound cases, including time-based re-assignment and escalations—all powered by SugarBPM.

Reporting and analytics

Pre-packaged reports and dashboards give support centre managers deeper insights into the metrics that matter when driving a differentiated and superior customer experience

Why bother? …… because customer service is the new sales

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