Stay dialed in with Zendesk Talk

Zendesk Talk is cloud-based call centre software built into Zendesk Support.  It enables you, and your teams to provide phone support from the same platform you use to manage your other support channels.

Instant information

Zendesk Talk allows your agents to immediately set up phone numbers, voicemail, and text messages.

Embedded voice

With Zendesk Talk, add a call button to give your customers a seamless way to contact you in your mobile app or browser.


Unified conversations

With Zendesk Talk, you agents can handle calls, voicemails, and texts in the same space where you manage emails, chat, and social messaging.


Benefits of Zendesk Talk

Talk it out

Even in the age of emails, texts, and DMs, sometimes talking to a real human solves the problem fastest.  Zendesk Talk’s integrated voice solution syncs with all other channels, and lets agents see all customer information right away.  Now that has a nice ring to it.

Always on call

Ensure callers always reach the right agent at the right time with interactive voice response (IVR) routing, group routing, and overflow and after hours routing.  Set your maximum queue size and wait time, and allow callers to request a callback instead of holding.

Keep an eye out

Measure and improve your phone support operations with real-time analytics.  Cross-channel reporting lets you compare performance to messaging, email, chat, and other conversational experiences.  Monitor and record calls to ensure quality conversations while protecting customer privacy.

Key Features of Zendesk Talk

Basic calling functions

Zendesk Talk offers both toll-free and local numbers from 40+ countries.  You could also port in an existing number if you have one available.  There are unlimited inbound calls, automated tickets from voicemail, and customised greetings for every brand or department.  These features make Zendesk really easy to use for everyday contact centre activities.

Routing & queuing

Multi-level interactive voice response (IVR) guides customers to the right call channel, and even offers ready answers to frequently asked queries.  If you’re not sure about the right agent to take a call, you can opt for group routing where the customer is directed to a specific team on Zendesk. Maximum wait times and queue size ensures that your agents are never overburdened, and any interaction beyond a threshold is sent to voicemail. Finally, there are pre-set business hours to limit workloads and after-hour routing so that you can distribute calls better across a global agent-employee base.

Integrated & scalable

Zendesk Talk plugs-in to Zendesk Support, which is now synonymous with Customer Support technology.  As you business grows, so your platform can scale seamlessly – both in terms of traffic volume and functionality.


Monitoring & reports

With Zendesk Talk all metrics are available in the form of both real-time and historical dashboards.   There’s advanced analytics to evaluate the role of voice calls in your overall customer service strategy.  You can also use real-time dashboards to maintain call quality, promptly “barging” into calls, if quality dips below a certain threshold.

Call control & governance

With Zendesk Talk, you don’t need a telephone or separate hardware to connect with customers.  The central console provides complete ownership, with built-in routing, call hold, mute and unmute.  You can create a blacklist so that fraudulent callers are automatically disconnected.  There’s also features for improving the call experience  agents can use warm transfer to consult a colleague before handover, or they can even loop in a supervisor via conference calling.

SMS support

Like telephony, you can choose either a toll-free or local number.  Customers can send even images, videos, and emoticons, which is useful in the case of product complaints where a buyer might want to send you a screenshot.  Zendesk Talk also comes with advanced capabilities such as macros, triggers and other business automation, simplifying scalability.

Stay dialed in with Zendesk Talk

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