Next Gen Marketing Automation

From attracting to connecting, let the platform do the work.

Multi-channel marketing

Sugar Market allows you to connect and engage with your customers – wherever they happen to be.  With inbound and outbound email marketing tools, social media management capabilities, AI driven predictive analytics, and even Google Ads management tools, Sugar Market has you covered for all of your marketing automation needs in one simple to use cloud solution.

Close the loop with sales

Sugar Market is pre-integrated into the leading sales automation solutions, including Sugar Sell.  That means you can track your prospect and customer behaviours and gauge their interest level using Sugar Predicts’ Auto-Machine Learning capabilities across the entire customer lifecycle, leading to more timely handoffs to sales and the ability to discover repeat business opportunities to drive even greater revenue per customer.

Benefits of Sugar Market

Increase Leads

Use AI lead-interest analysis to quickly create dynamic, multi-phase, highly targeted campaigns to drive more high-quality leads into your sales pipeline.

Marketing ROI

With real-time reporting, see what is working and what isn’t – FAST.

Optimize Spend

Get more for every marketing dollar spent.  Replace multiple third party programs for social, email, survey, etc with a one-stop-shop.

Better Retention

Reach out to prospects and customers at the best possible time to create lifelong relationships.

Key Features of Sugar Market

Ad Campaigns

Launch Google paid search campaigns through the Market platform to drive qualified traffic.

SEO Audit

Run web audits to understand how your site is performing and compare your site to the competition.

Boost Lead Velocity

Facilitate rapid and reliable marketing lead qualification and prioritisation through artificial intelligence (A.I.) predictive lead scoring.

Lead Scoring

Measure engagement and prioritize Sales outreach with
actionable lead intelligence

CRM Integration

Align Sales and Marketing with Sugar Sell integration that includes real-time syncs and support for custom fields.


Easily create personalised, responsive email campaigns to spark conversations that convert and replace third party software.


Capture important insight with custom surveys and do away with other third party software costs.

Buyer’s Journey Tracking

Uncover key insight into prospect and account engagement with your website

Webinars and Events

Manage and track the success of events and webinars from within the platform.


Schedule posts, manage accounts and monitor brand reputation across social media platforms.

Reporting and ROI

Capture actionable insight into your marketing performance to understand what’s driving revenue.

Nurture Campaigns

Remain top-of-mind with automated, tailored messages sent to prospects throughout their buyers’ journey.

Interactive Dashboards

Build and source data from various marketing initiatives and create visually-appealing, shareable reports.

Landing Pages and Lead Forms

Use drag-and-drop builders, or choose to code your own, to quickly build custom web pages and forms that capture leads.

An award winning one-stop-shop marketing platform

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