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Smarter relationship intelligence

Expand your customer understanding when you rely on a broad range of social, news, and business sources to provide research directly in your CRM.  By using just a name and email address, Sugar Hint eliminates the busy work and frees you to focus on customers.

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Engaged customers

Know who to contact, when to contact them, and with what message based on what’s relevant across sources.

Quit the research

Eliminate time-consuming research and manual data entry with automatic information retrieval directly in your CRM.

Focus on the fun stuff

Hint frees you to focus on the human side of customer relationships, because you should never have to do what a platform can do for you.

Benefits of Sugar Hint

More productivity

Increase Sales Team Productivity by Over 30% with actionable aata and proactive customer insights.  Hint saves the user around 17 minutes per contact and or account by reaching out to over 100 data sources.  These can then be added to the record with one click, no data inputting required.

Recommend leads

Hint provides a wide range of important, useful and actionable insights on leads, contacts and accounts.  Hint uncovers key information at every stage of your sales, marketing, and customer service cycles, giving you more time to focus on the human interactions of customer relationships.

Convert leads

Accelerate deal cycles and find new opportunities with hint. Users can quickly import the enriched data from the data sources into Sugar with a single click. Without any external browsing activity, Hint has the right information to start driving conversations and accelerating conversions.

Stay “in the know”

With Hint’s automated alerts, you can stay “in-the-Know” for important updates and signals about your key accounts.  Users can now receive key customer updates via user configurable email alerts, in-app dashlets and browser based push notifications.

Smarter relationship intelligence

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