Sugar Market

Advanced Email and Calendar Integration

Riva is purpose-built for enterprise organisations who need a more secure, purposeful, and refined way to connect Sugar with Exchange, Outlook 365, G Suite and Notes.

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Data curation

Riva captures and contextualizes millions of data points from business applications like email, calendar events, contacts, and tasks.  Once data is retrieved we clean it, standardize attributes, and add metadata to deliver greater meaning and relevance.

Scalable data flows

Riva creates secure, scalable data flows to intelligently sync information between CRM and email platforms like Outlook, Exchange, and Google Workspace.  These flows are created with respect for complex business rules required in regulated industies.


Riva is the seamless conduit that intelligently connects disparate platforms.  With the Relationship Engine in the background, the applications that rely on your customer data are synchronised to support your teams and customers.

Benefits of Riva for SugarCRM

CRM is easier

Riva creates seamless data flow between applications like email, calendar, contacts, and tasks and CRM – synchronising relationship data and eliminating the need for task switching, application toggling, and data entry duplication across platforms.

CRM is smarter

Riva’s intelligent sync brings real-time access to relevant data, putting meaningful details at your team’s fingertips so each customer interaction matters.  Smarter exchanges pave the way for greater efficiency, shorter sales cycles, and improved relationships

Risk compliance

We have an unbroken streak of more than 1,100 successful security reviews – demonstrating our commitment to preserving our clients’ reputations and their customers’ privacy.  Riva’s solutions exceed standards for security and regulatory compliance.

Key Features of Riva for SugarCRM

Intelligent synchronisation

Riva uses applied intelligence to seamlessly and reliably synchronise only relevant contacts, calendars, tasks, emails, opportunities, cases, custom objects, and fields – eliminating the clutter and confusion of duplicate entries.

Simple deployment

Riva requires minimal changes to enterprise infrastructure, CRM, or business applications, making it is easy to administer and deploy – whether in the cloud or your data centre.

Efficient real-time data processing

Synchronise appointments, meetings, and contacts across platforms in real-time to leverage the benefits of improved client engagement tracking, metrics, analytics, and reporting and ensure team calendars are always up-to-date.

Support for data encryption and data-loss

Riva supports data encryption solutions that use real-time endpoint encryption strategies and integrates with leading enterprise data-loss prevention applications.

No required plug-ins or apps

Riva operates behind the scenes to connect existing enterprise CRM and business applications.  As a result of its simple, elegant design, installation requires no plug-ins or designated apps.

User-friendly business intelligence tools

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