Connect SugarCRM with any cloud drive

With wDrive, you can manage your documents and customer relationships in one place. 

No more siloed software

wDrive enables you to access your cloud storage and customer data in one place.

Multiple platforms

Whether you are using Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive, wDrive can connect to your platform of choice.

Benefits of Sugar Onedrive


wDrive is the most direct way to ensure all your documents for sales and operations are up to date and available in single place for your business development and customer support teams.

IP protection

wDrive allows your team to access all your important documents from a safe and secure location.  It also means that when a team member leaves your organisation, they don’t leave with documents on their computer or phone.

Automate for adoption

Connecting your drive storage to Sugar obligates your sales and customer service teams to access operationally critical documets via the CRM, which allows you to better track adoption rates and provide better management reporting.

Key Features of Sugar Onedrive

One-click access

Use a one-click button in Sugar to create a document from a template in Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive.

Folder options

wDrive enables you to create and define your file and folders structure.  You also have the option to set a default file path for your documents.

wDocs interoperability

wDrive can work together with wDocs and directly stores any merged documents in your cloud storage platform of choice. 

Shareable links

Use shareable links to send documents to co-workers, customers, partners, and more.

Drag and drop

Use drag and drop to easily and quickly upload files to your document storage solution in Sugar.

Docusign interoperability

Send documents stored in your cloud storage platform of choice to DocuSign, and then forward them for review and signage via email. 

Connect your cloud drive with SugarCRM

Schedule a Zoom Demo and Discussion

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