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Combine Sugar with other systems for improved CX

Sugar Integrate enables your business to integrate customer experience processes and data with other applications faster and at a lower cost.

Integrate processes

Seamlessly join related processes and access customer data across system boundaries.

Improve CX

Centralise customer data from key business applications across the enterprise.

Rapid outcomes

A library of pre-built templates and connectors reduces integration costs and reduces time to value.

Benefits of Sugar Integrate

Time to value

Sugar Integrate uses pre-buily connectors and integraton templates to reduce implementation time.


Sugar Integrate lowers the cost of integration and allows you to invest in more features.


Sugar Integrate increases the value of your Sugar investment by sharing custiomer experience information with other applications.


Sugar Integrate automates processes, coordinating events and synchronising data between systems.

Key Features of Sugar Integrate

Pre-built connectors

Provides access to the most common business systems, including MAP, ERP, e-commerce, Finance and Accounting, and many others.

iPaaS platform

Provides a secure, scalable, and high-performance platform for integration.

Full API access

Enables integration of all data, including custom fields.

Full API access

Enables integration of all data, inclusing custom fields.

Pre-built workflows

Implements best-practice CRM integration use cases such as lead-to-opportunity and opportunity-to-cash.

API insulation

Prevents integration failure when end-point APIs change.

Event triggers

Enables event-based automation of integration activities.

Flexible authentiction

Secures integrations with comprehensive support for authentication mechanisms.

Integrate CX with other applictions

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