As every good sales manager knows, the key to securing deals quickly and efficiently is having a well-designed, streamlined process for delivering proposals.  If your sales team have to reinvent the wheel each time they create a proposal document, or are using software that isn’t ideally suited to the task, you might benefit from exploring the PandaDoc proposal plugin for SugarCRM. 

While Sugar’s inbuilt quoting system is fine for delivering simple, one page quotes, businesses who need to create longer, more robust documents need a platform that is fit for purpose. PandaDoc is a cloud-based platform that allows you to quickly and easily merge quoting information from Sugar into a professional proposal template, as well as a range of valuable extra features.

Five of the best PandaDoc Features

1. Automatic read notifications

PandaDoc will let you know when your recipient has reviewed the document, helping you work out when’s the best time to reconnect with them and progress the opportunity.

2. Engagement tracking

As well as knowing when your prospect opens the doc, you can also find out how much time is being spent on each page, thereby getting a feel for how interested the recipient is in your message.

3. Personalisation of proposals

One of the reasons we love this plugin is the ease with which you can create highly professional documents. Not only can you insert pre-saved blocks of content to enhance and personalise documents with minimal effort, there’s also a library of over 200 proposal templates to choose from so you can select the style and format that best suits your business

4. Video and image embedding

PandaDoc’s nifty video embedding feature allows you to use interactive content to get your point across and create a more engaging experience for your prospects.

5. Electronic signatures

Gone are the days when you’d have to ask a customer to print off a document, sign it, scan it and return it to the sender. PandaDoc’s electronic signature function makes it possible to get approvals and authorisations at the click of a button – and it’s all built in as part of the subscription.

If you’d like to know more about how Sugar’s PandaDoc plugin can help your sales team convert leads faster, contact us at for a demonstration.