In this video, Darren Flood from Evolution Marketing and Richard Miller from SugarCRM take a light-hearted look at the latest customer experience trends and technologies.

SugarCRM’s recent acquisition of W Systems offers SugarCRM customers a new range of tools that can improve business process and increase efficiency.  These tools have the capacity to help convert account management into customer success management to provide the advantages discussed by Darren and Richard in a previous video.

1) W Docs

WDocs is a feature-rich product that automatically merges and populates Microsoft Word templates with your CRM data.  W Docs can even plug-in to workflows and the Customer Journeys scheduling module to remind users when to use certain documents or automate reporting.

Key advantages:

  • Give you more time to focus on your actual job and gives sellers more time to sell.
  • Helps to standardise templates and access them with one click.
  • Improves compliance so that documents, such as T&Cs are kept up to date.
  • Increases adoption rates, as the CRM becomes more integrated into daily tasks.

2) Sugar Connector to Docusign

Docusign is the “gold standard for e-signing” and is an efficient way to get approvals.

Key advantages:

  • Customers will enjoy being able to efficiently complete agreements.
  • Close deals faster with streamlined order acceptance.

3) W Maps

WMaps integrates mapping tools with your CRM.

Key advantages:

  • When you are seeing an existing customer, it allows your reps to plan calls to prospects and leads in the same trip.
  • Visual your customers on a map so you can plan sales visits more efficiently and reduce the cost of travel.

4) W Drive

Businesses are moving to cloud storage and W Drive allows SugarCRM to access these stored documents from a shared drive.  It is best practice to have your CRM and document manage layered together.

Key advantages:

  • Manage your documents and customer relationships in the one place.
  • Easily access your documents from SugarCRM.



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