The roll out of SugarCRM v10 has begun for everyone who is hosted On-Demand by SugarCRM.

 Sugar continues to add value to their platform with Quarterly updates, and this Quarter has a few stand-out changes that we are excited about. 

More Compact Record view

The record view for all primary modules now defaults to a more compact layout that puts the field label names beside the field instead of above.

This removes a lot of vertical white-space that previously spread the fields apart on the layout and allows a lot more information to be displayed on the screen before needing to scroll down.

Empty fields are also represented by a single empty field pill, easily highlighting information you do not yet have on a record, as well as tightening up the layout further.

This feature is available on all flavours of SugarCRM that upgrade to v10. 

Tile View for Leads

This view has been available for the Cases, Opportunities and Tasks modules since the previous major version update, and with v10 it now also available for the Leads module.

Sticky Filters and enhanced customisation

Filters that you apply in the tile view will remain applied when you switch back to list view, and vice versa, making it much easier to work with just the records you need to see.

Custom fields are now available to add to the Tile Options Header and Tile Options Body fields to be displayed in tile view so you can see everything you need to see in tile view

Add Revenue Line Items to an Opportunity during Lead Conversion

An interesting change to the Lead conversion page is that it is now possible to add Revenue Line Items to the Opportunity Record when converting a Lead.

This functionality is only available in the Sell, Ultimate and Enterprise flavours of SugarCRM. 

Product Catalog is now available for all users

The Product Catalog, Product Category, Product Types, and Manufacturers modules, which were previously admin-only, will now be globally visible for all users on upgrade to v10. Administrators can still restrict user access to these modules via standard team and role restrictions.

These are the stand-out changes coming in v10, the full list of changes can be seen here:  Sugar Q2 2020 (10.0) for Sugar Cloud is Live

For all our on-demand customers, Upgrades to v10 have already started, your nominated primary contact will get an email about the upgrade and the planned time, and we are also notified when this is scheduled to happen.  You should not expect any disruption to your normal business operations.  If you have any issues, please let us know.

For all our on-premise customers, the upgrade package for v10 is available now for your use to upgrade, If you would like any assistance with performing the upgrade please send us a message to and we will schedule in some time to contact you about the upgrade.