Evolution Marketing launches Salesroller, a powerful integration tool for linking Xero with SugarCRM - now available on Sugar Exchange and the Xero Marketplace.
When oil and water doesn't mix

The misalignment between sales and finance teams is a problem as old as time, which is why many organistions simply accept that oil and water cannot mix.

It is easy to understand why sales and finance teams may have an uneasy relationship.  Sales personnel are focused on achieving growth targets, whereas finance personnel are focused on the bottom-line.  Sales people are often perceived as extroverted, outgoing types and finance people stereotyped as introverted, operational types.  Sales teams press for higher spend on acquiring and retaining customers, while accounts teams advocate for restraint.

The subsequent divide is a limitation that has serious consequences for an organisation.  Delays in providing customers with estimates and quotes, manual management reporting and a lack of understanding about a customer’s lifetime value can impact negatively on sales revenues and effective decision-making within an organisation.

Just add Salesroller to automate

Salesroller is Evolution Marketing’s automation application for connecting Xero and SugarCRM.  Salesroller allows bi-directional transfer of information between the sales and finance teams.  By connecting the tools of their trade, organisations can make sales and finance teams more efficient by fostering greater collaboration.

Sales personnel can view automatically updated historic quote and invoice records within the customer’s CRM account.  Customer lifetime value and other performance benchmarking statistics can be served directly into the customer’s CRM account to help with pitching and customer success calls while on the road.

The accounts team can aggregate trusted income data immediately into Xero and provide management reports instantly.

Everyone wins

1. Sales teams find their CRM more useful, which improves adoption rates.

2. Finance teams have up to date information for generating management reports.

3. Most importantly – the customer has a better experience!

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