Five key plays to improve user adoption

Five key plays to improve user adoption

We talk a lot about CRM being a journey - and with good reason. It can be arduous and challenging. You’ll encounter obstacles and almost certainly need to make a few detours along the way. And you’ll need to ensure your fellow travellers are well-equipped and...

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Sugar 9 brings sweet new functionality

Sugar 9 brings sweet new functionality

Unlike most CRM software solutions, which typically release a new version once a year, Sugar continues to deliver new functionality every single quarter (and at no cost to users).  Last month saw the release of Sugar 9, which includes an impressive range of new...

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4 Reasons Sales Teams Need CRM

Why would a sales team benefit from having a CRM system in place? This short 3-minute video gives four reasons why there is a benefit to be had by having the sales team use a CRM. Of course, there are many more reasons why a CRM can be helpful, and not just for the...

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What Do National Sales Teams Need to Succeed?

National sales teams need a full-featured, cloud-based, integrated CRM system. Watch the video we recorded where we dig to where we answer the question: What Do National Sales Teams Need to Succeed? We often talk with organisations with a national sales...

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Spring ’18 and Sugar 8 Are Now Available

We have some good news for your Monday morning. We’re thrilled to announce the general availability of the latest version of Sugar (Spring ’18 for Sugar cloud customers and Sugar 8 for on-premise customers). Last fall, we moved to a quarterly release cycle...

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SugarCRM 7.10 Release – [Review + VIDEO]

This is an exciting new update for SugarCRM and includes some long awaited new features. Here are the highlights. Upgraded email module - this now uses the 'sidecar' framework, which gives us the same look and feel as the rest of Sugar. The main advantage we think...

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Salesforce Limitations Pricing

As a business looking to invest in CRM you should expect clear, concise and easy to understand pricing information from software suppliers. It's important to clearly predict your expenses and know exactly what you're signing up for when considering which CRM product...

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