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Many people use their phones and mobile devices as one of their major business tools.
Sending and receiving email, managing calendars, taking phone calls and sending sms messages.
In fact it stands to reason that SMS is one of the best ways to reach someone, so being able to interact with your clients via sms can be quite powerful.

Act! does not do this out of the box, which is why we recommend Act Mobile Messenger.

Act Mobile Messenger Integrates directly with Act! and is accessible via a button in the interface.

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You can use ACT Mobile Messenger to communicate with an individual:

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Or a Group of People:

act mm 3
















You can send immediately or schedule messages for a later date and time and even on a recurring schedule.

You can even setup automatic messages that are sent based on a template when creating activities:

act mm 4













All of your interaction is recorded in History:

act mm 5

Clients can respond to the SMS which can also be recorded in History (as long as the function is supported by the provider) and viewed in Act!.
SMS activity can also be recorded in notes, or directly into an act! field.

There are a variety of scenarios where this functionality can be beneficial to your business, for example:

  • As an alert system to automatically notify your clients about relevant changes.
  • As a reminder for scheduled appointments or meetings
  • As a follow-up on an outstanding case
  • As a communication tool to advise groups of a promotion

free 10 day trial is available along with helpful installation instructions.