When you drive your car, the dashboard informs you as to the speed you’re traveling at, how much fuel you have left in the tank and a number of other things useful to the act of driving a car.

Similarly, in CRM the dashboard can tell you important information. Sales people can see what they need to work on next, what opportunities are in progress and more. Managers can see what staff are doing and see indicators as to the health of the business.


When using SugarCRM however one of the problems is that the dashboards need to be configured for each and every user. It would be great if we could easily copy a dashboard and deploy that across multiple users. To give each sales person the same dashboard quickly and easily.

We do that by using a third party add-on for SugarCRM called Dashboard Template Deployer for Sugar 7.

This add-on lets you copy existing dashboards and intelligence panes and deploy them to multiple users. This gets around the fact that some staff do not set up their dashboards consistently.

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