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Act! is an invaluable tool, especially for those that have not used a CRM platform before in their business.

On its own, the default layout in Act! is quite functional. It has fields to record all the important information about a contact, such as their name, address, contact info and type of contact. the fields are laid out in a logical order and are easy to read.


A basic out-of-the-box layout

 At first, a lot of businesses find this to be adequate as it is much better than what they may have been using before. As the business matures, and you become more familiar with the software though, you will start to notice it lacks the ability to record key information that is important to your business specifically.

Act! is not meant to be a one-size-fits-all solution, which is why it allows you to add more fields to suit your needs and re-arrange them as you see fit.
You can move fields around to suit the way you read the information, and add new fields to capture data that you cannot with the default layout. 


A more customised layout – notice the company logo in the top left


You can even colourise fields, make important fields stand out and add in coloured backgrounds and images.

 Act! includes the tools you need to customise not just the Contacts module, but also the Group, Company and Opportunity Modules.

Use the Field Studio to create the fields you desire, field data types can be adjusted depending on whether you want a plain character field, a date, a currency or even a field that calculates a value based on the content of other fields and many more.




Then use the Layout editor to add your new fields to your layouts, re-arrange and resize the existing fields, add colour, backgrounds, images and labels to really personalise Act! to your business.

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Are you interested in making Act! suit your specific business needs?