Handheld Contact (HHC) is an easy to use application you can install on your mobile device and have access to your Act! contact information while you are on the road. Need to see your next appointment or create a history note? Do this from your mobile device and sync this information back to Act!.

You can be up and running with Handheld Contact in under and hour. No server, firewall or router configuration is required to have HHC running, as long as you can access the internet from your Act! PC/Server you will be able to use HHC.

HHC Software works with any version of Act! 2005 or newer and can be installed on Windows XP or newer.

HHC app supports iPhone/iPad with iOS 4.3 or higher and Android Phone/Tablet running Android 2.2 or higher.



  • Automatically sync ACT! updates between your handheld device and your ACT! database.


  • Store up to 15,000 ACT! contacts and associated notes, histories, calendar items, and activities directly on your handheld.











  •  Access all your important contact data. Handheld Contact creates an “autosync group” ensuring your most important contacts are always synced.
  • Syncs up to 28 pre-defined contact fields and up to 50 user-defined fields.
  • Offline Access, even when you are in an area with limited internet access you will still have access to your contacts on your phone.
  • Call and email contacts directly from the HHC app on your device.
  • Record SMS message that are generated inside HHC.
  • Log emails with automatic time-stamping. 



All of your contacts are contained inside an app, which means they don’t get mixed up with your personal contacts, when you are out and about you can easily look at your calendar. If you need directions you can go into the appointment, select the contacts and hit the address, you can then use your mapping app on your phone to give you directions. Adding appointments to HHC from your device means you don’t need to keep a note of your appointments to fill in when you go back to the office.

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