Get access to experts faster and save.

Maintaining a pre-paid credit is the fastest way to access our team of experts and save between 12-18%.

Pre-Paid Access is a discounted pre-paid services account that you can draw down on whenever you need it. You simply nominate the amount you want to have in your Pre-Paid Access account and whenever you need services it will be drawn down at the discounted rates.  You’ll receive updates as the balance on your account is consumed. When your balance reaches a pre-defined amount, you will receive an alert recommending a top up. A consumption report is available on request.


  1. No expiration date.  Use your Pre-Paid Access over any time period.
  2. Faster access to services. No need to raise purchase orders or process payments.
  3. Discounted Consulting Services:
    Resource Type    Ad-Hoc hourly rate    Pre-Paid Access hourly rate


    Senior Consultant




    Technical Consultant








    *rates exclude GST

  4. Obtain services in 15 minute increments.  (Ad-Hoc access requires a minimum 1 hour booking)
  5. Automatic top-up reminders advising if your account is low.
  6. Use your Pre-Paid Access account for any Evolution Marketing services including:
    1. Senior Consultant strategy sessions
    2. Technical support and services
    3. Training
    4. Custom Development
    5. Vendor Support


  1. Unused credit in your Pre-Paid Access account does not expire, so it will be there when you need it.
  2. Your staff don’t need to obtain approval and a purchase order doesn’t have to be raised every time staff requires support or training.
  3. Fastest possible access to services – just call or email to book a time with a consultant.
  4. Only pay for what is being consumed. No need to pay for support when you aren’t using it.
  5. Automatic top-up alerts to let you know that your balance is getting low.


  1. Minimum deposit is $720 ex-GST
  2. Deposits made into your Pre-Paid Access account are non-refundable.

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