PC Mag Business Choice Award

SugarCRM the most beloved solution for CRM.

SugarCRM rates as the most beloved solution for readers of PCMag Uk. Readers preferred it far and above all other Customer Relationship options.  SugarCRM wins hands down for:

  • Product satisfaction
  • Technical support
  • Overall reliability
  • Most likely to recommend

 PCMag Business Choice Awards edition asks readers to rate products and services they deploy, administer, maintain and use within their business.  Readers considered the overall satisfaction of the product they use, their likelihood they would recommend and their satisfaction with technical support, their product satisfaction and overall reliability.

This confirms our choice of CRM software at Evolution Marketing.  We choose our software partners carefully and understand the complexity of finding the right business solution for you. 

SugarCRM survey results 2015 PCMag UK

SugarCRM wins business choice awards!

Here is an excerpt from the article if you would like to understand the results in greater detail. 

Looking at Overall Satisfaction, Sugar takes a sweet lead with a 7.1 (on a scale of 0 to 10, with 10 being the best). That’s in a class by itself compared to the competition. None of the rest get a very strong endorsement. It’s quite possible that this is because of the complexities involved in CRM as a field. A good CRM initiative isn’t just about the technology, it’s also about the best practices and processes that a business has in place. With a solution this complex, we rarely see a simple answer to the question of “are you satisfied?”

Reliability, in this case the ability of the software or service to run every day and provide consistent results, also follows the trend of overall satisfaction. SugarCRM is at a high of 7.2, but tied with Salesforce.com. (Last year, Salesforce.com was our winner, but it took a mighty tumble in overall score this year to 6.1.) Only Oracle and ACT! come close to competing in reliability, each scoring a 6.8.

Looking at tech support, SugarCRM’s story begins to crystalize. It’s once again on top with a 6.8 for satisfaction with provided help; the rest of the pack struggles to keep up. The only two vendors with enough response to indicate how many customers needed tech support were the behemoths: Microsoft and Salesforce.com, and both had dismal numbers, with over one-third of their users needing to ask for CRM assistance.

Turning to the critical question of “How likely are you to recommend your CRM provider to a colleague,” we see that very few are likely to recommend their CRM provider to a colleague, period. The highest score goes to SugarCRM with 7.4, which sets the solution above the pack. Only the refined SugarCRM’s users seem likely to recommend their CRM provider. The scores are so bad for the others, that every other vendor managed a negative Net Promoter Score (NPS).

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