Sugar recently released the latest version for its mobile App. The SugarCRM mobile version 2.5.0 had increased the power of the mobile app. SugarCRM Mobile version 2.5 is available for iOS and Android devices and includes a number of important feature updates.

Sugar Mobile is SugarCRM’s native mobile is easy to use from a smartphone or tablet. The app also looks and feels like the desktop version. The application provides quick access to data that they can view, edit or create. You can also log calls, emails and quickly respond to leads. The app is available for SugarCRM users with no additional cost.

SugarCRM Mobile Version 2.5 Features

The latest release includes the following updates:

  • Activity stream: Sugar users can collaborate easily with each other through the Activity stream. Users can tag others on posts using the ‘@’ tag feature, and reference posts using the #reference feature. This Activity Stream feature is available in the main menu for users of Sugar 7.x instance.
  • Personalization: You can personalize Sugar Mobile 2.5 by choosing their own start screen, with the most relevant view. From the settings, you can choose between your favorite dashboard, activity stream, search etc. to appear on your start screen.
  • Dashboards: starting this release, Dashboards are now compatible with Sugar Mobile. This gives you quick access to charts, lists, and other dashboard data. Sugar 7.x instance users can access dashboards and selected dashlets. Supported dashlets include:

                               i.        Activity Stream

                              ii.        List View

                             iii.        Active Tasks

                             iv.         History

                              v.        Inactive Tasks

                             vi.        Planned Activities

                            vii.        Top 10 Sales

                           viii.        Saved Reports Chart

                             ix.        Forecast Bar Chart (Forecast charts require Sugar 7.6 or above)

                              x.        Forecast Pipeline Chart (7.6 or above)

                             xi.        In Forecast (7.6 or above)

  • Closing Activities: Calls, meetings and tasks can be closed using the “Close” Actions menu option.

All existing installed apps can be upgraded using the update functionality available on their devices. Upgrades can also be performed by searching for “SugarCRM Mobile” in the application store using the following links: 

Google Play Store
Apple App Store

SugarCRM Mobile 2.5 is compatible with Sugar 6.7.1 and above, and will also be compatible with 7.6 and above upon release