Stuck for ideas for your email marketing campaign?

Below we discuss some tried and tested ideas to keep the conversation going with your existing customers and your prospective customers too.

One touch data entry – When you meet a new contact, pick up a business card or get given a new lead you add them to the one system – the CRM. Those contacts are then available for email marketing later. Not only is it time consuming to enter your contact details into two separate systems, it can increase the risk of inaccuracy across both systems.

Easier maintenance – merging, de-duping and unsubscribing contacts from two or more lists can be a nightmare. Maintaining accurate contact lists is a breeze when you have a CRM that is implemented with an integrated email marketing system

Best of both worlds – Today’s email marketing systems do one thing very well and that’s manage and report on email marketing processes. Likewise CRM’s are created to streamline the day to day management of your contacts across an entire business. However, CRM systems don’t do email marketing very well and email marketing systems don’t do CRM well either. Integrating a best of breed CRM and email marketing system gives you the best of both worlds.

Target your broadcasts by segment – when it comes to effective email marketing, the more relevant the message, the more likely it will result in a sale. By linking your CRM and email marketing systems you can target your message to specific segments of your lists, both now and in future. For example, consider whether a particular contact is a prospect or a client, in a particular industry or has a certain product interest. Using this information to tailor your message can generate much higher return compared to blanket broadcasts across your whole database.

Collect leads online – Connect your website enquiry forms to your CRM so people can subscribe to your email marketing list straight from your website, but also end up in your holy grail of enterprise-wide contact information – The CRM.

Integrating your CRM and Email Marketing Systems

When it comes to efficient email marketing linking your CRM and email marketing system makes perfect sense. Contact us If you need advice on how integrating CRM and email marketing system can enhance your email marketing campaigns.