National sales teams need a full-featured, cloud-based, integrated CRM system. Watch the video we recorded where we dig to where we answer the question: What Do National Sales Teams Need to Succeed?

We often talk with organisations with a national sales team where mobility is essential.

All salespeople need to nurture and maintain business relationships with prospects, clients, and referral sources. However, when we look at the staff on the sales team, many of them started on the tools and had moved into a sales role over time, this means that the sales processes have also grown organically, and often, differently in each office.

If an organisation is looking to get themselves set up for the next stage of their business success and ready to meet the next ten years, then they need to overcome some challenges such as:

  • Outdated legacy systems
  • Lack of structure around
    • lead management
    • Opportunity management
    • Quote management
    • Account management
  • Profusion of spreadsheets
  • Double entry of data
  • Inconsistent data and processes
  • Reporting based on incomplete data
  • Delayed access to reporting

A full-featured, cloud-based, integrated CRM system will help solve these challenges.

Watch the video to learn more.

SugarCRM is a full-featured, cloud-based system; it has excellent mobile access and many other great features.

SugarCRM is in use by some of the largest companies in the world including IBM, but it also works for smaller organisations as well.

SugarCRM is customisable, configurable, and more cost-effective than most of its competitors.

We recommend and implement SugarCRM for our clients because it addresses each issue we’ve just discussed, plus some other issues that we haven’t talked about.

SugarCRM provides a centralised, structured way to work; it’s simple and understandable for sales staff and management to use.

SugarCRM lets salespeople have better quality conversations with more prospects and clients.

An excellent next step to address the issues we’ve discussed is to look at what a modern, full-featured, cloud-based CRM, such as SugarCRM can offer your organisation.

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