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Lets have a quick look at what you can expect when upgrading to the latest release of Act! from Swiftpage:

Compatibility Updates: 

Staying current with Act! ensures that you are supported on the latest technology changes. There have also been significant updates to the Act! Web platform.

  • Windows 10 is fully supported, perfect for those who have upgraded, or are thinking of upgrading their Computers, as most new machines come preinstalled with Windows 10
  • Your IT Team will love you as Act! v18 is certified to work with Office 2016 (32-bit)
  • Act! Premium (access via web) components have been upgraded to support Chrome and Internet Explorer (without Compatibility Mode), resulting in a much simpler more streamlined experience than before.

Act! emarketing

Act! emarketing has been greatly improved for Team use and as an administrator, you have greater control over who can send emarketing messages.

  • Call List filters – Prioritised Call Lists automatically recommend hot leads to follow up with first.
  • Act! emarketing permissions for send and Smart Tasks provide greater control over who can do what in the Team.

Modern Web UI

Sparsely designed to provide a great experience without feeling like a traditional desktop product.
The Act Premium for Web Interface has also been redesigned to give a more practical and engaging experience. 

Subscription Management (Coming Soon)

Act! will be moving away from software assurance and purchasing the software outright, to a simpler, Subscription based pricing model.

  • Upgrade the same serial number
  • Manage your subscription from within Act! via Help > About Act!
  • Updates to Act! Update to entitle subscription users to service packs or new major versions, so you will always have the option to be running the latest version of the platform.

Web API (separate package and installer)

  • Modern development integration service that allows for meaningful connections to Contacts, Groups, and Activities
  • Create Read, Read, Update, and Delete