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We all want to send eye catching emails to our customers but when we begin to think about this we tend to put it into the too hard basket. With the power of Act! and act! emarketing we can achieve the eye catching emails we want to send and we can do it quickly.

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Since Act! version 16.1 AEM has been available. If you are on an older version of Act! and you want to use AEM you will need to upgrade to the latest version of Act! to take advantage of this great product. The best part is Act! emarketing Basic is included with your purchase of Act!.

Once you have Act! installed you can be up and running in minutes. Act! and AEM is tightly integrated so no mucking around with add-ons.

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Benefits of AEM

  • Sleek easy to use template editor with drag and drop capabilities.
  • Can use the power of groups in Act! to quickly segment contacts for target marketing.
  • Call lists (automatically recommend hot leads to follow up first) *additional fee required for this feature.
  • plenty of stock images and templates to use and edit to make your own.
  • Lead Capture feature.
  • No limit to the number of e-marketing messages you can send (Basic Tier is 500 contacts/month).
  • Dashboard in Act! you can get an overview of your AEM account and a launchpad to AEM task.
  • Graphical reports to measure the effectiveness of your emails.
  • Select fields are able to be merged from Act! into your template.
  • looks after the unsubscribe for you.
  • ability to download bounced and unscubsribe emails directly into Act!.
act! emarketing in action

act! emarketing in action

AEM scales well, you can upgrade your send limit at any stage and if need be you can also downgrade your plan. Upgrades apply immediately and downgrades are applied at the end of the month.

Pricing for AEM is very reasonable follow the link to see the latest pricing AEM Pricing

In my opinion AEM is a great product that will only get better as they add more features. If you don’t have Act!, but plan to do regular email marketing this is a cost effective way to get into email marketing, no need to pay someone to create your templates you can do this yourself. If you send to 500 contacts or less a month than this is really a no brainier.

If you want to discuss in more detail about how you can enable the power of Act! emarketing call us today.