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Why do people like charts on reports?

When you are Presenting Data, you can have all your information arranged appropriately, and you can spend considerable time explaining those figures, statisics and relationships, and yet still have some that may miss your point altogether.

However, Put a Pie Chart or Bar Graph at the top of the report and all of a sudden what you are saying is making sense! Graphs or charts help people understand data quickly. Whether you want to show a relationship or make a comparison between two data points, or maybe even highlight a trend, Charts and Graphs really help your audience to visualise what you are talking to them about.

SugarCRM provides some very powerful reporting tools, allowing you to display an exceptionally wide variety of information from your Database. However this data is not living up to its fullest potential unless the maximum number of people can benefit from your message, which is why Reports have the capability to display your data in a Pie Chart or Bar Graph to complement your data tables.

Learning to work with Graphs/Charts on Reports is very straight forward, you can even try this with an existing compatible report, the list of which include:

  • Summation
  • Summation with Details
  • Matrix

Load up your report and go into edit mode:

Charts 1






Navigate to the “Chart Options” Page in the Report editing interface:

Charts 2

From here you can then configure your Chart:

Charts 3

Your Chart Type determines the style of the Chart.
Your Data Series is available based on what you have set in your Display Summaries.
Description is to give context to the chart in the report
The tick box is so that Numbers over 100000 will be rounded in charts. Example: 350000 will be expressed as 350K. 

And here are examples of the Horizontal, Vertical, Pie and Funnel Charts:

Charts Horizontal

Charts Vertical

Charts Pie

Charts Funnel